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There once was a fashion stylist who believed vacations were better enjoyed with a flat stomach. But she also adhered to the mantra, “Live everyday like a vacation.” 
Looking for a quick fix to erase all those late nights of malbec and triple creme brie, she solicited the advice and mentoring of her hot, skinny friends along with some pretty awesome and well educated nutrition experts. This research led her to create her own seven-day skinny cleanse, and in one week, she left for vacation not only 10 pounds lighter but 100 times happier -- ready to wear her teensiest bikini and make love with the lights on every night.
Clearly, this bikini body secret was too juicy to keep to herself. She had to share it with her girlfriends and clients, so Bikini Cleanse was born.  Since its launch, bikini sales have skyrocketed. Nudity is at an all-time high. And gentlemen everywhere are getting laid with the lights on. 
The rest is history.