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15 Oct, 2014

Peppa Hart Art


For our pop up shop in Byron Bay, artist Peppa Hart has dropped off some beautiful framed pieces.  We interviewed the talented Australian stylist and artist to see what makes her tick.

What inspires your subject matter?

Tropical destinations, travels, iconic places like the Beverly Hills Hotel, and we draw inspiration from fashion and trends we see coming through magazines and favourite blogs. We live a bright and beautiful lifestyle on the Gold Coast beaches and this definitely has a major influence over the vibe of all our pieces. 

What medium are you using?

Watercolour and tonnes of Indian ink. We are also playing around with screen printing at the moment for more limited edition pieces. 

You are a very multi-talented lady!  Where does all this creativity come from?

I love so many things but it just comes down to working on projects I genuinely love, I love creating, so whether it's planning a wedding for a beautiful couple, styling someones home or creating art with my mum. It's what I love and I feel incredibly lucky that I get to make a living from this. I still have to pinch myself that I do not have to go to a corporate 9-5 everyday and work my butt off for someone else's dream. I worked for a professional football team for 4 years and I learnt so much but I also know how much I don't want to go back to working in the corporate world so I would do anything to make sure I can continue to work on my dreams. I also cannot sit still for too long, if I am not working on a million things at once I get bored. 

Dream Destination?

My husband and I are happiest when we are travelling, we cannot get enough of it - but we have never been to the Maldives, it's on the dream list at the moment. Hoping we can get there next year to Sense hotel in the water bungalows. It really does look like my kind of heaven. I would also love to get to Morocco soon, my house is filled with Moroccan style floor cushions and rugs galore, would be so amazing to see all of the Moroccan goodness in real life and stay at the stunning El Fenn hotel in Marrakech. Maldives to Morocca, haha I like the sound of that.... 

What you would bring?

Zulu and Zephyr Bikini's

Stone Cold Fox Black One Piece + One of everything they create

Tinted Invisible Zink Missoni Turban

Lack of Color Hats

 Celine Slides
The Beach People Roundie

Ford + Harris Jewellery
One Teaspoon bandits

Sunglasses galore

Vintage Levi shorts

T By Alexander Wang t-shirts in every colour

Cocktail of choice?

Mojito's always! 


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07 Oct, 2014

Bahgsu Jewels


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BB: All of your collections, yet different are also very cohesive. What would you say is the main design theme you try and keep instilled in all of your pieces?

Madgi: Awareness. My aesthetic involves creating using crystals and stones that have been consciously mined. I spend great efforts to ensure the stones & metal I work with is not only of the highest quality but has been gently removed from the earth.  Through out the years I have been connected with miners & suppliers that can tell me exactly where & even when the crystals were "birthed". This connection allows for a very pure foundation from which sacred designs can occur.  My creations speak best from this space & my goal is always to allow the stone to shine from a some what simplistic settings.

BB: Many jewelry companies have lost the interest in using natural gems, crystals etc. from the planet in their jewelry, but you haven't. Why was this so important to you?

Madgi: I have been influenced by crystals on many levels and I can connect certain emotional charges to the crystals I wear. Science has recently proven what our ancient ancestors already have realized through personal experience over thousands of years. When a crystal is viewed under a microscope one can see the lattice is much more dense than our own and this formation allows for sun & cosmic light to be purified & energized in ways that benefit our own auric field. This information can be accessed by simply adorning yourself with beautiful earth made creations.

BB: Your collections all relate to this free spirited gypsy girl, do you consider yourself a gypsy girl?

Madgi: Sure! Traveling is my heart. I recommend a journey for every emotional ailment under the sun. No medicine is more powerful than perspective which channels gratitude . Travel allows you to see your life from another angle and this is a blessing. Plus the earth is a magical space that was created to be enjoyed & worshiped.

BB: What is your favorite piece of jewelry right now?

Madgi: Flower of Life & Medicine Wheel Cuff stacked. Although 2 very different patterns - the cuffs were designed to be worn together for the stones align when parallel.

Madgi's Favorites:

Beach Every beach is amazing in its own way- can't chose!

Cocktail I don't drink hard alcohol, This new wine called Zio Baffa is my favorite liquid indulgence!

Crystal Chrysoprase today but maybe smokey quartz tomorrow!

Vacation Spot Wow favorites are so hard for me! I'm a Pisces so always flowing but if I had to choose it would be Indonesia!

Shop Bahgsu Jewels HERE

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11 Sep, 2014

The Ladies of Acacia


BIKINI BIRD: Acacia recently launched their 2015 Collection, Tauhani, and it was CRAY! Animal prints, nudes + mesh, and even cheekier cuts, everyone can't wait for Acacia's November launch. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this collection? 

ACACIA: I am a sucker for classics, forever animal prints and nudes! And being from Hawaii its all about having a tropical inspired print. I have beautiful birds of paradise plants at my office that inspired our bird of paradise print. We also pulled inspiration from the sports world using a sporty oversized mesh for a sexy sporty new addition.



BB: What new styles are you most excited to launch from Tauhani?

A: I am most excited about our mesh pieces, our lingerie gone swim. And our Honolulu dress!


BB: You have both been in the swimwear for quite some time, how has the industry grown since your launch? Did you ever expect to be a leading brand in swim?

A: Yes we have grown every year. it is very exciting and we love our customers! Of course being a leading brand has always been a dream of ours and we are honored you are giving us that title. We are still growing each day and learning as we go.


BB: Acacia has always been a trendsetter and risk taker when it comes to styles and cuts. How do you ladies stay on top of the game?

A: We always have to think ahead. We are familiar with all of the trends but stay true to what we love and what is ACACIA.


BB: Any design regrets from past collections, and any styles you would love to bring back?

A: NO regrets we learn and grown from the past and I think our collections only get better with each year!

Naomi and Lyndie's Favorites

Go To Acacia Suit- Our new color block styles and the Napali top paired with the Pipeline bottom in Storm Mesh with nude lining

Cocktail- A good bloody Mary or a fresh lilikoi margarita

Vacation Spot- French Polynesia

Sunscreen- Epicurean

Sunglasses- At the moment, Miu Miu's Dita or Classic Ray Bans

Model Muse- Too many we admire

Dream Collab - collab possibilities are endless. I wouldn't even know where to start with my dream collab. We currently have a few collabs up our sleeve :) and excited to share those with you hopefully soon!

Images courtesy of Acacia.  Campaign Images by Olive Malone

Images courtesy of Acacia.  Campaign Images by Olive Malone

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01 Jul, 2014

ViX Paula Hermanny



With ViX, you have introduced the Brazilian bikini to the world. Tell us about your journey of how you got to where you are today?

I am originally from Brazil but moved to San Diego when I was 21 and have been here ever since.  I fell in love with the laid-back beach culture and attitude - but I could never find a swimsuit I liked. Every time I went back to Brazil, I would stock up on bikinis and make little tweaks and changes here and there.  Soon all my girlfriends were asking for bikinis just like mine - and that is how ViX was born. I went from customizing swimwear for my friends, to creating a global resortwear brand. I love that American women – and women from all over the world – are embracing Brazilians bikinis and cuts.  In Brazil, going to the beach is way of life, a lifestyle, and that is spirit in which I design.

 Who is the ViX woman?

The ViX woman appreciates quality, beauty and fit – and that is why she loves our suits. She follows fashion and knows the trends, but she does not live by them. She is confident, feminine, well-traveled and sophisticated. She appreciates the extra attention we pay to fit and to luxurious details such as high quality Lycra, 24-karat gold plated hardware and jewelry inspired details. Our resortwear suits her perfectly, because she can wear them poolside during the day, or in the evening for cocktails and dinner.

We absolutely love your Sofia collection. What brought you to create a second line? 

Sofia, my daughter, inspired the collection. The Sofia girl is a perfect mix of my Brazilian heritage and my adopted Southern California lifestyle. The Sofia collection channels an adventurous and bohemian spirit - it’s mix and match and is in tune with seasonal trends. While Sofia has the trademark embellishments, prints, and fit that ViX is known for, we’ve introduced them in a more adventurous way with new cuts and fresh details. 

Where can we see Vix and Sofia for 2015? 

 Although we started in swimwear, we now have evolved beyond the bikini.  We will have more caftans, cover-ups, dresses and even rash guards, in addition to our classic swimwear. Due to high demand, we introduced our first High Summer season debuting this month on Bikini Bird! Our product offering will continue to evolve, this fall we will be introducing our first contemporary collection, Paula Hermanny.

Of all of your styles to choose from, what is your favorite go to look?

My favorite look has always been a great fitting white bikini and white sundress – it never goes out of style.

Paula's favorites:

Next vacation spot – Angra do Reis, Brazil

Sunscreen – Vertra

Cocktail- Champagne

Dream collaboration-  Tom’s Shoes and Sofia by ViX. I admire Blake Mycoskie very much.

Model muse- Kate Moss embodies style and elegance in an effortless way. For swim, I love Isabeli Fontana. 

Angra do Reis .jpg Kate Moss
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