Indigo Elixirs Blue Moon Balm


A pain-relieving rub for your monthly moon: massage on to abdomen and low back to ease the cramping that comes with your period. All of the herbs in this formula are warming in nature, move the blood to keep things flowing, and alleviate pain. The center of this balm features a ‘blue moon’ of soothing German Blue Chamomile essential oil.

As you apply the balm, make circular movements and feel the warmth that is generated by your hands. To enhance the affect, cover the area with a hot pouch or heating blanket. Blue Moon Balm can also be used for general muscle cramps and aches.

Crafted in Manoa | Oahu | Hawaii with Love + Plants:
Organic extra virgin olive + organic virgin coconut oils infused with Hawaii-grown Kava* {Piper methysticum}, Olena/Turmeric* {Curcuma longa}, Ginger* {Zingiber officinale}, Ni’oi/Chili* {Capsicum spp.}, Mugwort* {Artemisia vulgaris} & mainland wildcrafted Crampbark {Viburnum opulus}; essential oils of Vanilla {Vanilla plantifolia}, Ginger {Zingiber officinale} & Blue Chamomile {Chamomila recutita}.

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