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5 Ways To Stay Healthy This Summer


Summer is officially in full bloom with the sun shining, cocktails in hand, and relaxation is now your new best friend. Summer can be a difficult time to stick to that date you made with your gym, because lets be honest – the beach sounds soo much more appealing. Balance is the key, so we have picked 5 simple and fun tricks to staying healthy this summer that will have you glowing and feeling revitalized! xx

1. Juicing

Now if you haven’t been living under a rock this past year my guess is you have heard about juicing or juice cleanses. Fresh juice nourishes your body and actually kick-starts your metabolism so adding this to the start of your day will help you feel amazing. Getting your daily dose of fruits and veggies will not only help you lose weight but it improves your state of well being. Keep it FRESH, so whether you buy a juicer and do it at home or purchase it from a café, make sure the juice is freshly squeezed. The fresher the juice the more nutrients it retains. One of our favorite juice recipes is nutrition guru Madeline Bourke’s Watermelon, Pineapple and Strawberry Granita. Enjoy!

Serves one

1 1/4 cup of frozen watermelon

1/2 cup of chopped pineapple

3-4 strawberries

a few sprigs of fresh mint

half a lime juiced

1/2 a cup of cold water

2. Paddle Boarding

The gym is the last place we want to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon so the trick to keeping in shape this summer is fun exercise OUTSIDE. If you haven’t tried stand up paddle boarding you must this summer. Balancing on the board gives your leg muscles a great workout as well as your core. Paddling from alternate sides utilizes your back, arms and shoulders to keep the board moving. What better way to get a workout in than one that also involves a bikini and working on that tan. Check out Hoe Nalu for some great boards for beginners to more experienced paddlers. Paddle boarding has become increasingly popular so now if you do not want to invest in your own board you can always take a fun class at your local beach, but we warn you its addicting!

3. Go Raw

The summer is a perfect time to change some of your eating habits and going raw with your food can do wonders. When you cook your food it actually loses most of its important nutrients and enzymes, which is bad because these enzymes can boost digestion and fight away diseases. This can be a simple change in your diet by simply eating your veggies and grains raw instead of cooking them. With the hot weather it is actually quite easy to enjoy many raw foods because your body is less likely to crave a warm meal as it might be on a colder day. The greatest thing about slowly transitioning your diet is that it is proven to last longer. This isn’t a fad diet that will have you completely restricted craving bad foods; it is ultimately a lifestyle change. The reason you wont ever go back once you’ve gone raw…because it’s easy and you feel absolutely incredible.

4. Tone It Up Ab Workout

There are those days where getting active just doesn’t fit into our busy schedules and that’s understandable, but when it takes literally 10 minutes that is inexcusable! Karena and Katrina the ladies from YouTube sensation Tone It Up have created The Best Ab Workout routine. We swear by this workout and the best part about it? You can do it anywhere. Doing this workout routine 5 times a week will have your abs looking insane and showing them off at the beach will feel even better! Check out the workout routine and click here to get a printable version for your room.

 5. Vacation!

We cannot stress this last one enough. If you do one thing this summer please take 5 days for yourself and go somewhere amazing. Take a deep breath, close your computers, turn off your phones and just relax. Stress is our own worst enemy and it can be a vicious cycle so it is time to break it. Studies even show that anticipating a vacation is a mood booster, so if right now is not the easiest time to get away from the grind then at least start planning one for a more convenient time. On that note excuse us while we go daydream about our next vacay!

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