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BB: All of your collections, yet different are also very cohesive. What would you say is the main design theme you try and keep instilled in all of your pieces?

Madgi: Awareness. My aesthetic involves creating using crystals and stones that have been consciously mined. I spend great efforts to ensure the stones & metal I work with is not only of the highest quality but has been gently removed from the earth.  Through out the years I have been connected with miners & suppliers that can tell me exactly where & even when the crystals were "birthed". This connection allows for a very pure foundation from which sacred designs can occur.  My creations speak best from this space & my goal is always to allow the stone to shine from a some what simplistic settings.

BB: Many jewelry companies have lost the interest in using natural gems, crystals etc. from the planet in their jewelry, but you haven't. Why was this so important to you?

Madgi: I have been influenced by crystals on many levels and I can connect certain emotional charges to the crystals I wear. Science has recently proven what our ancient ancestors already have realized through personal experience over thousands of years. When a crystal is viewed under a microscope one can see the lattice is much more dense than our own and this formation allows for sun & cosmic light to be purified & energized in ways that benefit our own auric field. This information can be accessed by simply adorning yourself with beautiful earth made creations.

BB: Your collections all relate to this free spirited gypsy girl, do you consider yourself a gypsy girl?

Madgi: Sure! Traveling is my heart. I recommend a journey for every emotional ailment under the sun. No medicine is more powerful than perspective which channels gratitude . Travel allows you to see your life from another angle and this is a blessing. Plus the earth is a magical space that was created to be enjoyed & worshiped.

BB: What is your favorite piece of jewelry right now?

Madgi: Flower of Life & Medicine Wheel Cuff stacked. Although 2 very different patterns - the cuffs were designed to be worn together for the stones align when parallel.

Madgi's Favorites:

Beach Every beach is amazing in its own way- can't chose!

Cocktail I don't drink hard alcohol, This new wine called Zio Baffa is my favorite liquid indulgence!

Crystal Chrysoprase today but maybe smokey quartz tomorrow!

Vacation Spot Wow favorites are so hard for me! I'm a Pisces so always flowing but if I had to choose it would be Indonesia!

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