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LE PAUME Bikini Care co-founder Lisa Dorian gave us the scoop on the Maldives + a serious case of wanderlust. Learn how to take care of your 'kinis and Shop LE PAUME Bikini Care + their exclusive Samudra collab xx

Where to SleepFour Seasons Kuda Huraa—about a 30 minute speed boat ride from the airport.  You walk out of the terminal and hop on your boat. 
Eat | The food and cocktails at the Four Seasons are amazing. I ate enough for three people each meal. 
See  | The water alone is beyond incredible.  The bright white sand makes it an unreal turquoise color. 
Treat | The gorgeous spa is a minute-boat-ride away. My husband and I had a couples massage in our over-water bungalow. You can see the fishys swim by through the glass floors. 

Tell us a little bit about how you like to travel: The thing I now focus on most is my health because it’s no fun being sick or super jet lagged on a trip. On the plane I travel with green packets, electrolytes and probiotics. I’ve found that it’s so much easier to adjust to a huge time difference and hop right into the fun if I stay hydrated and healthy on the inside.  

Your 3 essentials:  I never leave home without a great hat and sunglasses, and am pretty obsessed with my sunscreen regimen. And I always throw in a light Turkish towel—love how fast they dry.

What inspired you to create LE PAUME?  I’ve always been a bit obsessed with bikini care. I did a blog post with you years ago on how to keep your suit looking like new. We spend, or maybe I spend, a fortune on bikinis, every year. It’s a bit silly not to protect your investments.

How do we use your product? Mix a quarter size of LE PAUME with cool water. Hand wash & soak your bikini for a deeper clean, then hang dry in the shade. This little extra love keeps your bikini ready for your next adventure!


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