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Bali Life: R O V E Swimwear

Designer and Owner Alicia Van Bokhoven of R O V E Swimwear is living every girls dream. She’s a Hawaii girl currently located in Bali, designing her own line of swimwear. Does it get better than that? Currenlty working on her 2015 collection, we got the chance to catch up and see what it’s like to live a day in her life and to get some of the best travel advice.

7:ooAM- Wake up. Morning run in Canggu, then a complimentary breakfast with fruit platter, tea, and toast.

10:00AM- Usually out the door starting the day. Meet with my manfacturer to talk about fits, colors, fabrics. This first week of being here meetings were everyday, some lasting up to 6 hours. Below is my pattern maker Joe.
11:00AM- Meet with graphic designer to go over custom prints for the following season. We choose colors for textiles, go through design, scale, pattern, & flow of pattern on a garment.


12:00PM- Lunch at a local Warung on Oberoi. Warung Bumi is the best- clean, fresh, and never more than 2$ for a huge plate of Indonesian favorites. The best is to order Nasi Campur and just point to anything you want in the window. Other lunch spots: I love Kreol. Their pumpkin salad is to die for. Ocha in Seminyak has a great menu selection of American & Indo food.  Swich for a great make it yourself sandwich. Revolver for a quick coffee. I also love Bungalow in Canggu for juices and salads- above is my apple, beetroot, and  ginger juice while having a meeting with my photographer to go over next year’s campaign photo shoot.










Days are long riding around all day in the rain or the heat. Try to beat rush hour if you can. If not, wait it out. Getting lost in the shopping of Seminyak and Oberoi will definitely kill some time or meet friends at a cafe for a milkshake, gelato, or sweet little desert. Its hard not be a foodie when you’re in Bali because of the price. It makes it easy to try everything!

4:30pm-  I always stop at the local fruit market in Kerobokan to pick up a big bag of fruit for no more than $5 filled with strawberries, papaya, bananas, rambutan, and mangosteen.


5:30- I make my way home through the rice fields. Usually make it home to Canggu in time to watch the sunset or get a surf in if I’m lucky.



BEACH Uluwatu Caves, Nusa Lembongan, Balangan, Balian

SHOPPING  Boutique shopping in  Seminyak or Oberoi. Market shopping I love going to Ubud.

PLACE TO STAY Canggu or Seminyak its pretty central, but adventure seekers go off island.

RESTAURANT Betel Nut in Canggu, Bali Buddha, Bungalow, Swich, Warung Bumi, its pretty endless because there is just too much good food here.

ADVENTURE  Nusa Lembongan. Take a ride to Nusa Penida and snorkel or scuba with the mantas. Surf trips to desolate places like Desert Point, but I don’t recommend unless you’re with a local. Monkey Forest in Ubud and Tanah Lot are great tourist attractions. Just try to do everything and eat everything and meet as many friendly people as possible! And surf as much as you can:)

COCKTAILS Sunset Ku De Ta or La Plancha

NIGHTLIFE For a more poshy vibe head to Seminyak. There’s La Favela, Mint, Mantra, Potato Head, Townhouse. If you want a little more casual, head to Mexicola or La Plancha. Every month La Plancha throws a huge party and the beach is packed with people dancing all night with ocean literally washing up on your feet. Kuta is more of a wild time. Eikon is pretty fun with good music.  Single Fin or Deus on Sundays is always the best call if you’re looking to get away from the city. You can get a drink and watch the most amazing sunsets that looks over the cliffs of Uluwatu.

ABSOLUTELY CANNOT MISS Sunset at Uluwatu, drink a beer and relax. Getting on a motorbike and feeling the freedom of Bali. Island hopping. The boat ride from Nusa Lembongan to Nusa Penida was one of the most breathtaking things I have ever seen to this day, no photo does it justice.

You can’t be in Bali and not want to experience some cultural aspects. I am lucky that the Bali Family I stay with invites me to their local ceremonies. This week I went to the celebration of their niece being 3 months old. I get to dress in the traditional clothes and meet the extended family. Sometimes its nice to get away and experience the roots of this island. The native people here are so happy and although to our american standards seem to have so little they are filled with a different kind of abundance.









Life in Bali is always exciting. Its centered around such a lax and laid back vibe, yet everyone here is an artist in their own right. From the local artisans to the expats. People are clothing manufacturers, designers, photographers, writers, painters, yoga teachers, singers, surfers, dancers, and travelers that have come here to just be. The colors and architecture in Bali make you feel like you’re living in an endless Picasso. Their attention to detail and design is amazing with the ikat prints, batiks, they never lack color or uniqueness. Your senses are on a continuous overload. The combination of the natives and travelers make bali this incubator of energy and excitement. Everyone here is an open book ready to take on life and everyone that crosses their path. Bali is magical, a place where dreams come true.

ROVE Swimwear will be available on SHOPBIKINIBIRD.COM this APRIL xx

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