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Bikini Bird Gets Sporty

Sporty chic inspired clothing was a huge hit this year but who knew this trend would make such a big splash in swimwear. Think 1980’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Covers, add in some super bold colors and voila!

The sporty silhouette is extremely basic but that doesn’t mean it can’t be sexy or stand out amongst the crowd. Black and white are consistent player’s in this sport’s game but they are combined with bright colors using color blocking design techniques. Now lets talk fabrics, for this trend there is one fabric in particular that we are currently obsessed with… neoprene! Yes, we are talking about the same type of fabric used in wetsuits just half the amount of fabric and multiply the hotness factor by about 100. You never have to worry about neoprene fabric turning transparent in the water and the thick fabric also gives you a nice little lift in the top area. Shop some of our favorites below and you’ll be looking like a 1980’s centerfold in no time! xx

Tavik Swimwear x Agogo Connie One Piece

Tavik Swimwear x Agogo Bikini

Indah Sazerac Neoprene One Piece

Mikoh Swimwear Rincon Neoprene Bikini & Mikoh Swimwear Seychelles One PieceTavik Swimwear Brook One Piece

Mikoh Swimwear Santorini One Piece

Indah Midori Top & Gimlet Bottom

Indah Swimwear Kazi Top

Indah Swimwear Kazi Top & Vesper Bottom

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