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G Y P S E A. the ‘elements’ collection

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Australia never fails to impress us with innovative fashion and forward thinking. Founders Emma Jones and Scott Bauer, recently launched, GYPSEA,  a collection of swimwear that combines absolutely stunning photography with fashionable swim silhouettes. As described on their sight, Gypsea was  “Born on the edge of the Western Australian desert, where the desert meets the might of the Indian Ocean. Gypsea embodies the immense natural beauty in nature, that surrounds and inspires all of us.” We had a chance to catch up with the both of them to learn about their current “Elements” Collection  influenced by the Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Bikini Bird: You both have an interesting background in clothing and photography. Tell us a little about your experience. Scott, tell us about your photography? Where have you shot most of the photos for the line?

Scott Bauer: I’ve been working in the surfing industry for over 15 years, I specialize in mostly shooting from the water but I also love all aspects of photography, landscape, macro, portraiture, Fashion. I’ve photographed all of the images in Western Australia, so you can see that WA flavour right through the collection from the landscape sunsets to the amazing blues of the breaking wave. We’ve also worked on a collaboration with Glen Cowans on this collection called the ‘Coral Star’, Glen is a amazing underwater photographer based in Fremantle, Perth.

BB: Emma, you have been in manufacturing for so long, what made you finally decide to launch your own brand? How did you come up with the concept for Gypsea?

Emma Jones: Scott came to be with his Idea of putting his photos onto swimwear, I loved the idea and the challenge and was excited to be able to partner with Scott. Gypsea is a swimwear line very different to anything I manufacture. We work very unlike most brands. I come up with the fit designs, while Scott works on the art. We then spend many hours fitting the different art to the different fits. Every suit is printed as a placement print and not every art can go on any suit.

SB: It represents my lifestyle as a surfing photographer, traveling the world searching for perfect waves. Emma and I both love the ocean so It just seemed quite fitting.


BB: What is its meaning?

SB: The love of travel and the ocean, living a healthy fun lifestyle.

BB: Where do you find inspiration?

SB: With the images Gypsea is inspired by the beauty in nature, natural lines, textures, colours. Art and fashion are always big contributors, to mesh the both.

BB: What can we expect to see in this collection? Do you each have a favorite piece from the collection? If so, what makes it significant?

SB: My favourite piece is the bikini from the Indian Blue collection, it’s a little abstract and I’m a sucker for blue’s ( :

EJ: My favourite is the Chameleon collection, I love this print from the moment I saw it.

BB: Scott, from a guys perspective what is your favorite style bikini?

SB: I’m into swim that shows off the curves of the body, a good balance of fabric, not showing too much and not covered up. I really like the mid cut bottom we have with a nice structured underwire, classy and very flattering.

BB: Emma, any advice for someone who wants to start their own line?

EB: To start your own line you need to have passion, hard work, organization and money.






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