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One of our favorite people, Vy Nguyen, owner/designer of  Lolli Swim, just recently returned from a fabulous getaway in Sayulita, Mexico.  She shared some of her amazing pics and a recap of her vacation that left us beyond inspired.

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Vy Nguyen, the designer of Lolli Swim, and her fiancé Jessie have taken many trips to their favorite spot, Sayulita, Mexico. However, this recent trip they took in April turned out to be a vacation unlike any other. From staying with the Mignot family, to finding the perfect wedding dress, it was the ultimate weekend getaway.


Sayulita is a small, carefree surf town just 20 minutes from Punta de Mita and an hour away from Puerto Vallarta. The entire town is full of people that came to visit and decided to never leave. Since Jesse & Vy’s first visit to the beach city, they have stayed at the beautiful and colorful Petite Hotel D’Hafa, a boutique hotel known for it’s heart painted bridge.


Vy’s first time visiting the town, she stumbled upon a magical boutique called PACHAMAMA, a place she had no idea would mean so much to her in the near future. Being a designer that admires all things heart related, Vy was drawn to the walls and floors that were so tastefully painted in an array of colorful hearts. The boutique was flooded with the loveliest clothing and accessories. In this moment, Vy knew she had discovered a rare treasure and was beginning to understand why people would come to this place and never return home. While admiring a stunning Mexican wedding dress that was displayed on the wall, Vy had the pleasure of meeting the owners of PACHAMAMA, Nathalie Mignot and her daughter Lola. As if this boutique wasn’t sweet enough, Vy was pleasantly surprised by the kindness of Nathalie, telling Vy that, “One day the dress would be hers.” Without having any thoughts on a wedding date or wedding destination in mind, Vy was dreaming about wearing the dress, but little did she know this was just the beginning of her soon to be fairytale wedding.


A year later, Vy and Jesse returned to Sayulita with a date set and wedding in mind. This trip, the couple actually stayed with the Mignot family. The family made of nine brothers and sisters from parts of Africa and France, now live in a beautiful home in Sayulita where they make gorgeous pearl jewelry, art-tastic clothes, and live the life of a fairy tale. Vy & Jesse’s stay was filled with the essential beach bumming, margarita sipping, and taking photos of the princesses of Sayulita in Lolli swimmies, but most importantly putting those checks on their list for their soon to be dream celebration. In fact, Vy ended up trying on that exact wedding dress she was admiring on the boutique walls years back- It was a perfect fit! Even though they have had many unforgettable adventures in the town, the couple’s next trip to Sayulita should be the most memorable since they will be returning for their wedding in February 2014!


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