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Bikini Bird loves Bliss Lau

Last week we had the opportunity to interview one of our favorite jewelry designers, Bliss Lau. Originally from Hawaii, Bliss now resides in New York City where she creates the most amazing body jewelry.

BB: How did you get started? What brought you to New York City?

Bliss: I went to New York because Parson’s was the best school for me to go to. Parson’s doesn’t just teach you how to make things, they also teach you how to think in a really unique way. All of the leaders in the Fashion Industry have gone to Parson’s, so thats what drew me to it. You’re 18 and you make this huge life desicison, I feel like alot of these things just happen by chance.

BB: What was it like going from Hawaii to New York?

Bliss: It was terrifiying. I mean I was 18 years old, and my parents left me there. They were like “You have to go check into your dorm room now!” I think I was scared but I didn’t want to admit it, just like any normal college experience,

BB: Tell us about your current collection, where did you get your inspiration?

Bliss: The first collection that I did (in 2007) was all body chains. It was just tons of body pieces based off of the idea of taking the seam lines of clothing and subtracting the positive space, just leaving the negative space. So, just drawing lines on the body.  A lot of the pieces were inspired by Art Deco in New York. It’s about adorning the body in unexpected places.

Now, so many people are doing body chains so the concept of that is becoming normal, which is nice. Before it used to be radical. I felt like I had exhausted myself, that I have done everything that I could think of for body chains. I wanted to move on to different parts of the body. I love and wanted to work with hands and fingers. Especially being from Hawaii making pieces that are really fun and that can be worn everyday- to swim in it and to be worn, never take it off.

BB: What was your favorite project that you have worked on? 

Bliss: The kalediscope ring was something really fun. It took me about a year to figure out how to have it made. The idea of taking one piece and breaking it apart into four different pieces so you could wear it however you want to was the original concept. One of my favorite projects was the Embrace collection, I worked with Hawaii RED. I came to Hawaii and showed the pieces on ballerinas.

BB: Any dream collaborations?

Bliss: I’m doing a collaboration with a  lingerie company in New York (Kiki de Montparnasse). Its the most beautiful lingerie you have ever seen. Solid Gold Body Chain Bras, fun. Onxy pearls, things like that. I made a version of a gold body chain for them, that was kind of my dream collaboration.

BB: What can we see from you in the future?

Bliss: Now I am moving more into fine jewelry. I think I am gonna be doing more wedding rings. A whole collection of mens and womens wedding rings, and some bridal stuff.

Bliss’ Favorites

NY Brunch Spot:  It just opened, The Cumberland.

NY Boutique: Love Adorned

Bikini: Theres a new brand  that is some girls in NY that I have been hanging out with. Its called Estuaries.

Nail Color of the Moment: There isn’t ever one color. One color at this point, I’m done with it. I’m done with grey, and I moved on this flat grey/teal combined with black lines.

See the rest of Bliss’ collection HERE!

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Special thanks to Hawaii RED Magazine and Coconut Waikiki Hotel for hosting the meet and greet event.


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