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For our pop up shop in Byron Bay, artist Peppa Hart has dropped off some beautiful framed pieces.  We interviewed the talented Australian stylist and artist to see what makes her tick.

What inspires your subject matter?

Tropical destinations, travels, iconic places like the Beverly Hills Hotel, and we draw inspiration from fashion and trends we see coming through magazines and favourite blogs. We live a bright and beautiful lifestyle on the Gold Coast beaches and this definitely has a major influence over the vibe of all our pieces. 

What medium are you using?

Watercolour and tonnes of Indian ink. We are also playing around with screen printing at the moment for more limited edition pieces. 

You are a very multi-talented lady!  Where does all this creativity come from?

I love so many things but it just comes down to working on projects I genuinely love, I love creating, so whether it's planning a wedding for a beautiful couple, styling someones home or creating art with my mum. It's what I love and I feel incredibly lucky that I get to make a living from this. I still have to pinch myself that I do not have to go to a corporate 9-5 everyday and work my butt off for someone else's dream. I worked for a professional football team for 4 years and I learnt so much but I also know how much I don't want to go back to working in the corporate world so I would do anything to make sure I can continue to work on my dreams. I also cannot sit still for too long, if I am not working on a million things at once I get bored. 

Dream Destination?

My husband and I are happiest when we are travelling, we cannot get enough of it - but we have never been to the Maldives, it's on the dream list at the moment. Hoping we can get there next year to Sense hotel in the water bungalows. It really does look like my kind of heaven. I would also love to get to Morocco soon, my house is filled with Moroccan style floor cushions and rugs galore, would be so amazing to see all of the Moroccan goodness in real life and stay at the stunning El Fenn hotel in Marrakech. Maldives to Morocca, haha I like the sound of that.... 

What you would bring?

Zulu and Zephyr Bikini's

Stone Cold Fox Black One Piece + One of everything they create

Tinted Invisible Zink Missoni Turban

Lack of Color Hats

 Celine Slides
The Beach People Roundie

Ford + Harris Jewellery
One Teaspoon bandits

Sunglasses galore

Vintage Levi shorts

T By Alexander Wang t-shirts in every colour

Cocktail of choice?

Mojito's always! 


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