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Q&A : Gabby Sabharwal of GIEJO

Meet Gabby Sabharwal, the designer and owner of NYC swimwear brand GIEJO.


 We love your line, your prints and how they mix. Can you tell us a little about Giejo and the inspiration behind it?

Thank you!! That means so much.

[gee-joe] is an interchangeable and multi-functional collection of swim separates featuring versatile prints and figure-flattering silhouettes that can be mixed and matched for a unique look.

The collection is very reflective of my own personal style. I love to layer and mix and match patterns and textures when I dress and I really kept that in mind when choosing the fabrics and prints for my suits.

Another important aspect in my collection was to create multiple looks with a limited amount of pieces. This stems from my original design inspiration and the ability to mix and match prints. I love the idea of having options because not only can you get multiple wears out of say three pieces, you can also make something our own. You are not committed to a suit that is shown to you in the store. This really allows my client create her own style, another key element to the Giego girl.

Mikoh Swimwear St. Barth’s Top / Giejo Mixed Boy Brief Polka

How did a New Yorker get involved with swimwear? 

It just happened! The idea to create a swimsuit came about really as something that was initially just for me. I was looking to purchase a new swimsuit for my upcoming vacation to St. Thomas with my girlfriends to celebrate my birthday.

A lot of brands are based out of California, Hawaii, Australia, do style and trends differ on the east coast?

I think it depends on the wearer – are you surfing/active, sun-bathing, swimming, going to a party, like more coverage or less?

Giejo Triangle Tie Top  / Mixed Back Ruche Bottom in Zebra

 You do PR during the day and have Giejo on the side, how do you do balance the two!?

Well it isn’t easy, but they both go hand-in-hand, really!  I always knew I wanted to be in fashion and make my mark on the industry.  I aspired to be a designer but since I didn’t know how to draw too well and after taking a few unsuccessful attempts at sewing lessons, I thought it would be an impossible feat. Instead I took a job in PR. I think it may have been the best thing I could have ever done; it prepared me for this role, to start my own company. I have been able to gain perspective from the inside out. I know both sides of the industry because not only do I work closely with the designers during their process, I watch the sales and strategize how to market the product and see how the press receives it, which is really interesting. There is still a lot to learn, I learn something new every day.  But PR really gave me a great foundation and the relationships I have made have been priceless. I really don’t think any if this would have ever been possible without it.

Giejo has become incredibly successful in bringing swimwear to the high end market, where do you see the brand going in the future?

I would love to expand into menswear and children and eventually experiment with new categories.

Describe Giejo in 3 words: mix-and-match

Go-to Giejo suit: It totally depends on the day and my mood, but I think this is really unique to my line-

Multi tie top – can be worn 3 different ways – strapless (tie is also removable), one-shoulder or halter

Mixed back ruche – gives a nice little lift but still has full coverage

Favorite beach accessory: Sun

Favorite beach on the east coast: Ditch Plains

Best spot in the city (restaurant, cafe, hotel): L’Artusi – my favorite Italian spot in the west village.

Next vacation: St. John to spend Christmas with my family – cant wait!

 Dream collaboration: Target

Swim trends for next year: it all depends on the runway, but I am all about reinventing the classics.

Giejo Pieces we love:


photos by Bryce Johnson, model Kaleigh Rutt

photo of Gabby Sabharwal via


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