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BB Designer: Jamie of One Teaspoon

Who isn’t ONE TEASPOON obsessed? We got the chance to catch up with the Aussie denim brand’s designer and founder Jamie Blakely to talk about their NEW 2014 Swim line // POINT BREAK.  Inspired by 70′s disco, 80′s sportswear, and 90′s Australian surf culture, Point Break has a mixture of cutouts, brights, and plunging necklines. All the reasons we love One Teaspoon’s swimwear.

Bikini Bird: One Teaspoon is arguably one of the best denim brands today. (Beyonce loves it!!) How did you get in to denim?

Jamie: Wow!!  That’s a great call.  Love it.   I started with Denim in 2000 and the collection was made up of Denim and Tees.  So I guess… well, I just started and it all went from there.   I just kept showing it kept showing it until eventually the retailers where like… “oh…. this is great denim!”  And then here we are. Like everything, it’s all about patience.

BB: Describe the one-teaspoon girl.

Jamie: She’s awesome.  She’s original.  She loves a laugh.  She’s serious when she needs to be.  She gets down to business. She’s authentic.  She’s the real deal.

BB: One Teaspoon is originally from Australia. Was there a big change going international? How do styles differ between the Aussie girl and the rest of the world?

Jamie: No, not a big change.  The business evolves from year to year anywho so this was just something else we needed to adapt too. The styles don’t differ at all.  We do what we do I guess.

BB: What is your go-to piece from your new collection?

Jamie: The Neon Sports day try bikini.  It’s simple, but significant!  Best shape.  Great lycra.  Easy to wear….. like, all the time!

BB: What was your inspo for your 2013/2014 swim collection, Point Break?

Jamie: Colour for sure! Simple shapes and Point Break obviously.

BB: What are your favorite swimwear trends for 2014?

Jamie: I’m not really up with the trends at all. But for me for 2014 it’ll be all about tones of neutrals mixed with hardware.  Softness with Hardness.  Different cuts.  Simple but Significant.

BB: Could you share of couple of your favorites from Australia?

Best Beach Beast beach for a hang: NORTH AVALON – When that waves aren’t crazy!  Everyone loves a good retro striped umbrella so no ones there stinkin up the surrounds with ugly beach gear!! It makes a difference don’t you think? Of course that’s not the only reason why I love it, that’s just a bonus.  The rock pool, the colour of the water, the sand…… and because it’s my backyard.  I love it.

Dive Bar Avalon Bowling club.  What!!??  I don’t leave the bends once I’m here!!

Place for Breakfast My house with my husband cooking!  Other then that, probably the Boat House in Palm Beach.

Currently obsessed with My Babies!  Oh, and Pink… I mean Blush!!

Shop our favorite ONE TEASPOON pieces below:

YONCE in a One Teaspoon classic, The Bandits.


Point Break Photos from One Teaspoon, photos by Ben Sullivan.


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