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We were drawn to the Estuaries line for its beach meets urban vibe. This Brooklyn based collection is a direct reflection of the sister team behind the brand. Growing up on the beaches of Hawaii to then living in New York, these two sisters have created a line perfectly mixed with beach and city. Here are some of our favs..

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BB: When did you launch Estuaries and what sparked its creation.                                                                    Estuaries: We launched June 2011.  We created this collection because we wanted to integrate that Hawaii beach lifestyle we miss so much, into our city life in New York.

BB: How would you describe the look/vibe of your the brand?
Estuaries: It is a blend of fashion and sport that turns our head slightly back
in time. We emphasis on clean lines to enhance the shape of the
woman’s body, revealing the most flattering parts of her figure.
BB: How does your Hawaii background fused with your New York lifestyle translate in your collection?
The Hawaii lifestyle really inspired our collection as much of our childhood and adulthood was spent in the sun and sand. The Estuaries collection takes us back in time to our younger days at the beach. We wanted to bring this nostalgia to our current city life now.
BB: What keeps you both inspired throughout the day?
The idea of making something new and sharing it is really exciting and motivating.
Currently listening to.. Jose Gonzales solo piano, it’s a relaxing way to drift into a creative mode.
The last show I went to was…Diana Vreeland, an inspiring film about the amazing editor of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue
Favorite artist… Pipilotti Rist
Favorite quiet spot in NY… Brooklyn Bridge Park, with the perfect views of the East River, the city and the bridges
Favorite restaurant… Mariposa inside the Neiman Marcus Ala Moana, breathing views especially during sunset hours
Go-to accessory… currently loving this Falbalas Saint Junien hat from last Paris trip
Won’t leave home without…. Laura Mercier Mascara
Beach bag necessity…. Sunscreen is a must.  We like La Roche-Posay, it’s extremely liquid-y and feels like water when applied
Beauty essential… Ola Hawaii’s Passion Fruit Citrus – Body Butter, an essential in New York especially during our dry winters and reminds us of home :)
Last destination… Paris, France
Next stop…Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for some R&R
Biggest Inspiration.. our grandmother is always loving, amazing and inspiring
Words to live by… always live with passion and do what you love
Shop Estuaries here and look out for instagram giveaway of Estuaries’ exclusive Intermix bikini!!

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