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17 Dec, 2015

currently obsessed: rose water


home with her rose water home with her diy rose water home with her rose water home with her diy rose water toner home with her



3-5 garden roses, pesticide free
water (just enough to cover)
3 drops witch hazel
small vial // mister bottle


Remove petals from stems, place in a mesh strainer and give a quick rinse with fresh water. Cover with water in a small pot and cook over low heat until the rose petals have loss their color (we left them for about 45 minutes for a stronger scent, but 15 should suffice). After cooled add a few drops of witch hazel if desired for added astringent properties and longer shelf life. Pour into a small vial or spritz bottle and store in a cool place.

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14 Nov, 2014

Bikini Bird x Bikini Cleanse


Bikinibird5 Screenshot 2014-11-14 14.03.26.png

Bikini Bird is teaming up with the ladies of Bikini Cleanse (a 7 day this system to get you bikini ready with yummy smoothies, teas, and a guide to all pre-approved meals) this coming Wednesday, November 19th to embark on our one week cleanse, leaving us looking and feeling fabulous for this coming holiday season.  

Join us on our #cleansewithfriends! You can purchase your very own Bikini Cleanse here. Enjoy our special 15% discount with code: "Bikini Body Ready."

Follow the rules below and cleanse WITH us, one lucky winner will win a free Bikini Cleanse for future bikini ready moments! xx

Bikinibird2 bikinicleanse Screenshot 2014-11-14 13.56.05.png Bikinibird3 Bikinibird4 Bikinibird6 Bikinibird7 Bikinibird8

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